The manifold is a device connected by pipelines and valves for controlling distributing and monitoring the fluid. Usually, it is constructed based on functions. For example, it will be fabricated in choke style for controlling well kick and the pressure of oil-gas wells.

Main Functions
1. When the blowout preventer is shut down, the choke valve is utilized for controlling the casing pressure to maintain that the pressure of well bottom is always higher than that of the ground, and thereby to prevent the formation fluid from flowing into the well.
2. During the well is shut in, the choke manifold decompression can be adopted for soft shut in well. When the pressure inside the well reaches certain limit, the wellhead can be protected through the blowout via it.
3. If the wellhead pressure increases, the heavy drilling fluid can be pumped into the well via the kill line to balance the pressure at the well bottom and prevent well kick and blowout.
4. Direct blowout is available by utilizing the relief line connected to this product so as to release the pressure at the well bottom.
5. By means of injecting the pure water and the extinguishant to the wellhead, this manifold can be used for well cementing operation. Thanks to the check valve, the kill fluid or other fluids will be injected inside the well instead of backflow so as to realize well control and other purposes.

For each operation, the functional requirements, control accuracy and the required instruments must be specified.

P Blowout, choke, well kill
5000PSI 4 1/16", 3 1/8" 3 1/8", 2 9/16" 3 1/8", 2 9/16"
1000PSI 4 1/16", 3 1/16", 7 1/16" 3 1/16", 2 9/16", 4 1/16" 3 1/16", 2 9/16", 4 1/16"
15000PSI 4 1/16", 3 1/16", 7 1/16" 2 9/16", 4 1/16" 2 9/16", 4 1/16"
Note The construction is available based on the requirements of customers.

Related Names
Distribution Manifold | High Pressure Manifold | Flow Control Pipe System

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