1. Casing Head

      It supports the partial or entire weights of all casing pipes except for the conduit via the hanger.
      It connects the blowout preventer and other wellhead devices.
      Pressure sealing is formed between the internal and external casing strings.
      It provides exit for the pressure accumulated between the two layers casing pipes.

    1. Tubing HeadIt is designed for the convenience of oil tube hanging once the fixed tubing hanger is mounted.
      It seals the annular space between casing pipes.
      It is the operation window for casing pipes.
      It also provides a control channel for subsurface safety valve and offers a through passageway for the electric pump and cable.
    1. Casing HangerGenerally, the casing hanger is classified into two types, i.e. the slip type and the mandrel type. In addition, the slip type is also divided into the WD type, C-21 type, C-22 type and the C-29 type. Surely, this product can be flexibly customized according to your actual requirements and the specific working conditions.
    1. Tubing HangerThe tubing hanger, also known as mandrel hanger, is used for hanging oil tubes. Usually, it can be divided into three types, i.e. the DP type, DP-BIW type and the DP-L type. It is also customizable based on actual working conditions and the requirements of customers. The tubing hanger is available in both single-tube and dual-tube forms. Or it can be attached with a device for cable traversing and thereby for controlling the subsurface safety valve and the operation of other downhole tools.


The widely used wellhead comes with admirable flexibility, compatibility and interchangeability. Both S and SY shaft mouths consist of the lower casing head assembly, hanger as well as the subsequent casing head spool and the hanger.

S and SY Traditional Shaft Mouths
The traditional spool-type S and SY shaft mouths come with the strongest industrial capacity. Designed for all types of well completion and well depth, they adopt the duplex landing shoulders for obtaining the maximal supporting capacity of casing pipe. The maximum working pressure is 15000PSI (excluding the tubing head spool). The working temperature is from -20°F to +250°F (-29°C to +121°C).

Our wellhead products are provided for worldwide dealers, agents and terminal customers. We not only can provide the single component for dealers and agents, but also can satisfy the usage demands of terminal customers for the complete sets of shaft mouth device. Your consultation is always welcome.

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